Battle Cry Records is currently looking for great 80ties Metal bands for CD-Reissues. If you had a band in the 80ties or early 90ties that played traditional 80ties Metal, Power Metal, Speed, Thrash please contact us at iThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Also if you know some bands that you could get us in contact with it would be great if you can put us in contact with. Your help is deeeply appreciated and will be rewarded.


Witchcross - Crypt of the dead



The CD arrived just in time to be available on the Metal Assault Festival .

It will be available in our Shop and on Discogs.

Pre-order your copy of Ravensthorn - House Of The Damned now.


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A new record is ready to be released.

The "Ravensthorn - House Of The Damned" will be released on november 15th 2014 on the "Hammer of Doom".

It's released on Metalizer Records (co-released with Battle Cry Records and Mighty Monster), the legendary 2002 album of the US metal legend.

The original was a CD-R private press from the band.

Now remastered and with Bonustrack "Dark Night Of Invocation".



You can pre-order them in our shop soon!